Theme #11 Terror by urie/kilmorecove

Preview: black, white, permalinkCodepastebinfreetexthost

Description: This theme has 400px wide posts. The tags and caption are only visible on the permalink. You can either show/hide the sidebar by clicking the title (toggle sidebar) or you can make it always visible. The extra links (up to 5) will be displayed with a pop up window. The post info appears on post hover. This theme alsa features: a second title, optional lazyload, tooltips and webkit scrollbar. All colors are customizable.

Keep the credits intact, don’t redistribute, don’t claim as your own and don’t copy, thanks.

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static preview / Pastebin, freetexthost.

  • custom scrollbar.
  • 400(PX) posts.
  • 60(PX) sidebar image.
  • 15 custom links.
  • infinite scrolling (optional).
  • reblog/HQ button (optional).

This theme is a bit hard to customize, but I made it the easiest way possible, if you have any trouble with it just ask me! :)

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Anonymous: i do think your gif is pretty amazing, sharp and smooth, but it's okay if you can't share, but may i know usually do you apply smart sharpen first or gausian blur first or topaz denoise first and what's after that until the end? thank you


aw thank you! okay this is hard to explain so i’ll just make a tutorial :3 

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Do you ever make a graphic and you get at the point where you have to choose a font and think “if only there were some way to get an overview of all the fonts I have already installed”? Well you can. At wordmark.it you just type in any word you want, it then shows that word in every font you have installed on your computer.

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Links Page - static preview - code


  • It’s
  • super
  • simple
You have to replace the CAPITALISED WORDS with your own thing, you can change the little image if you know how, and you can edit/move the credit however/wherever you like.

Honestly, I’m flattered and a bit taken aback that so many of you liked this page.

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34 by llermans

Chaos; [preview | code 1 | code 2]

2 column, 250px posts, infinite scroll, four customizeable links, via, source & tags in the permalink page, choose if grey sidebar.

Please like/reblog if using, thank you!

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32 by llermans

"Banklady" - Live preview | Code 1 | Code 2

  • Choose if sidebar image or not.
  • Sidebar image is 100px x 100px.
  • Post width: 400px or 500px.
  • Three customizable links.
  • Permalink hover
  • Webkit scrollbar.

Please Leave all credit intact and do not move it to a secondary page.
Also do NOT steal one of these themes and please don’t use/redistribute as base code. If you use please like or reblog this post, so let me know. Your feedback is appreciated! Tell me if you like the theme. Any questions, any doubt just go to my askbox. :’)

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Theme 11 - live preview (temp) - code


  • 400px/500px
  • Slide-out panel from sidebar links (image 2)
  • Hover to show captions
  • Hover to show tags (opt.)
  • Sidebar image (opt.)
  • 4 links


  • Formatting help here
  • Edit as much as you like but do not take any element of the code and claim it as your own.
  • I no longer have the time to answer personal customising questions. The most I can give you now is the code; please respect this and do not take it personally if your question is ignored.
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Plain Theme 2.0

This is a modified version of the Plain Theme.

  • 1 column 
  • Optional shadows + borders
  • Optional symbol on navigation
  • Optional left/right text align
  • Optional fade on photos
  • Optional background image
  • Optional description link
  • All colors, fonts, and font sizes can be customized
  • Width + Post Gaps can be customized

 Preview / Download

More options coming soon!

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xii. Cobalt, by solus themes
      ↳ live preview | code

200px sidebar 
200px optional sidebar img
8 optional/customizable links (I recommend each is one letter)
500px posts

Please like/reblog if you are using this theme!

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