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it contains; 

elizabeth olsen, alicia vikander, holliday grainger, kristen stewart, dane dehaan, emilia clarke, sophie turner, xavier dolan, natalie dormer, phoebe tonkin, sebastian stan, lana del rey, logan lerman, emma watson and crystal reed. 

I’m not an icon maker or anything but I hope you all enjoy this pack! - #60 icons.

icon pack tag | icons page | .rar | .zip {preview}

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Anonymous: hi! can i ask what psd did you use here, please? /post/95279014876/make-me-choose-krisbianessa-asked-pll-season-1


yep sure! I saved four of them they’re all slightly different but they have the same base so idk w/e

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45.gradients by maxiresources Please like or reblog if you download.  Don’t repost or claim as your own. More resources here. ✎ download


FOAM theme v.01 by jpglay


  • 250px / 400px posts
  • four custom links / dropdown menu style
  • full sidebar + mini navigation icons
  • mini icon tumblr controls
  • background image / preset background patterns included
  • popup askbox
  • tags on hover

please let me know if there are any bugs or errors and i will do my best to help you fix them!

** do not remove or alter credit - do not use as base - do not redistrubute and claim as your own - PLEASE LIKE OR REBLOG THIS POST IF USING/PLANNING ON USING - enjoy the theme ** 

static preview + download


Gif tutorial as reqeusted~

I will show you how I make gifs like this:

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theme 09; wanderluster by mrsmilicevic

  • live preview - code
  • 6 custom links
  • sidebar image option
  • endless scrolling option
  • lazy load option
  • fade color on hover option

If you’re having trouble getting the colors right: go to the HTML, copy all color meta tags (the ones who look like this: ), remove all of them, update preview. paste the tags back, update preview and save.

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Texture pack #10: dl rar.

It contains 38random textures. (click picture for larger imag)

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Texture pack #9: dl rar.

It contains 42 random textures.

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9 red velvet icons (x)
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icons (page #14) by nerdydean

preview | pastebin | freetexthost

  • includes filters (thanks to this tutorial!)
  • custom title, links, and description
  • also includes a show/hide menu for categories (thanks to this tutorial)
  • there are tons of instructions in the code, but if you don’t understand them feel free to ask me!
  • edit as much as you like, but please keep the credit intact!

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